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Sports World - Family Entertainment Center

Sports World Pricing Information

Admission to SportsWorld is free, however, if you arrive after 7:00pm there is a $5.00 per person token purchase required to gain entrance to the park.

Please be sure to read the signs on the token machines before you purchase tokens.

Sports World uses two types of tokens: gold tokens and silver tokens.

Gold tokens cost 25 cents each and silver tokens cost $1.00 each.

Both types of tokens are sold from the numerous token machines located throughout Sports World. Coupons and special promotions may be redeemed at the front desk. If you purchase tokens with a $20 bill, you will receive a bonus of $5 on gold tokens and $4 on silver tokens(at token machines only).

Gold tokens are used in nearly all of the video games. Video games require between two and four gold tokens to play.

Silver tokens are used on Sports World ride attractions.

Silver token ride attractions require the following number of silver tokens:

Bumper Cars ... 2 Silver Tokens
Himalaya ... 3 Silver Tokens
Bowlingo ... 3 Silver Tokens
Miniature Golf ... 3 Silver Tokens
Wonder World ... 4 Silver Tokens
Tea Cup Ride ... 3 Silver Tokens

Please note that there are no cash refunds given on Sports World tokens. We will gladly exchange gold tokens for silver tokens and vice versa at the rate of four gold tokens for each silver token exchanged. You may exchange tokens at the front desk.

Tickets for LASERTRON and the VENTURER SIMULATOR may be purchased at the front desk using cash, Master Card, Visa or American Express.

Tickets for LASERTRON cost $7.00 for a single session.

Tickets for the VENTURER SIMULATOR cost $5.00 per program.

Activity cards are valid only for the date shown and cannot be exchanged for tokens.